200 CLUB

200 CLUB

200 Club

The 200 Club is simplicity in itself to join and every participant gets the chance to win in the monthly draw. Members must be over 16 years to join and pay by standing order (Cheques are accepted for annual payment – no cash will be collected).
All you need to do is decide how many numbers you would like, complete your details and hand the form in at Squadron & set up your standing order with your bank (or bring in a Cheque for annual payments). You will receive confirmation of your monthly numbers and the winning numbers will be posted on the squadron website www.whitbyaircadets.org after each draw.

Although we are calling it the 200 Club, we will of course run with however many subscribers we can get – the more the merrier!

The rules are simple: The entry tickets are £1 each per month if paying by standing order (£12 per year). The Squadron will pay out 25% of each month’s subscriptions as prize money to the monthly winner. Obviously, the more of us that take part – the bigger the prize – our target is at least 200. The more members the bigger the prizes! When the number of members reaches 300, the prize fund will be split to provide a first and second prize – full details will be on the Squadron website when this happens. (Full rules below)

Winning Numbers 2021


G Hodgson


O Emerson




M Jackson


J Emerson


G Buckle


J Harrison


J Harrison


A Rogers


not drawn


not drawn


not drawn

Please Note: As participants leave numbers are re-issued.

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